Question / Help Colors washed out - made videos to compare


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This is a screenshot of how the colors should look like.

This is a playlist of of all the combinations for Settings>Advanced>Video>(Color Format, Color Space, and Color Range):

OS: Manjaro Linux
Current LOG FILE:

I have NVIDIA X Server Settings and after a bit of digging I found:

In this menu I changed the Color Space and Color Range to all the combinations possible:
Color Space - Color Range
RGB - Full/Limited
YCbCr444 - Full/Limited
with the same washed out results.

The Color Correction tab shows this:


Not exactly sure which sections exactly are meant. It looks kinda fine to me. Keep in mind that you compare a 4:4:4 source to a 4:2:0 sub-sampled image. Since color information is reduced to a quarter of its original information there will always be a visible degradation.


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If by sections you mean which parts look washed out, I'm referring to the game title in the middle of the image spelling out "Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead"
If you click on the image and compare it to what's shown on any video on the playlist the color wash out should be quite drastic.
The colors for the bottom section where the game menu entries are do look about the same between the videos and the image.

I don't know what "4:4:4 source to a 4:2:0 sub-sampled image" means but I'm guessing is that if I record with the same quality as the source I shouldn't have the washed out colors.
Is there a way to set the recording quality to 4:4:4?


Read about chroma subsampling here if you are interested:

There is a 4:4:4 profile for H.264. Maybe you can configure it in OBS via expert settings. Be aware it is an usual profile. Many decoders and hardware do not play these files. I do not recommend doing that. All current video codecs work in the 4:2:0 domain for best quality/bitrate compromise (also based on psycho-visual models). These codecs are not the best match for the type content you are trying to process.