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This have actually been bugging me for a while. Using Printscreen and cut out what you can to show what's on your stream (even in preview mode) is a really buggy way of trying to how how your stream looks like. More often than not, it only comes out as a black screen and takes at least 10 shots (sometimes more) to get a decent screenshot of how it looks like.

So having a screenshot feature to "Save a snapshot" of your stream would be a great feature. ... at least in my opinion :D
Specially for making tutorials and what-not...


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As talked about on IRC, I had no problem making a screenshot with the Printscreen Function. Though I see this also as a useful option. A hotkey or button would be great that could save the current OBS preview (in full output size) to disk.

In combination with the requested ability to show Stream Informations (Bitrate/FPS/Viewers) on stream, these could also be saved to the screenshot (if wanted) for troubleshooting purposes. This would need a checkbox in the Settings of course.

Madison Knight

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I would very much like it if a screen capture option could be added. My use for OBS would be for taking still images from a high definition camera capture device video stream. We use the live video stream from camcorders to get still images of jewelry for our inventory program. I've been looking for any program that can handle a high definition video camera and so far have not had much success. I think OBS has the right capabilities for working with the capture devices, but without the ability to get a screenshot quickly and easily, it won't be able to do what I was hoping it could do.


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I'm having a hard time understanding your use case. You're taking pictures of jewelry for inventory...using a camcorder? Why not use a normal camera? Why do you have to capture the images directly to the computer instead of using a memory card?
I have been thinking about this for a while now and i would like to suggest a case where snapshots may be interresting if it's done per source.
In short: Timelapse movies.

I can understand if it's not part of the core program but as a plugin, it could be quite interresting i think.
Take snapshots every x seconds of a source and save them either on local disk or on a network path.
I guess the snapshots have to be keyframes ? to get the full quality.

The user can then use vdub or something to make a timelapse af all the photo's.
With this you create the ability to record extended timelapse footage without the limitations of portible devices (like disk space or battery life on camera's and such).

Why not use a recording to make a timelapse? Well the amount of diskspace it requires to record a lossless film is immense and encoding would take a verry long time.

I think i have the technical parts correct, and if i have made any mistakes in my reasoning please say so.

edit: I guess my suggestion is more about an "automated snapshot" feature.


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Did this ever get implemented? Or is there any plan to implement this? If so, how is it accomplished?

If not.
Like Greendweller said, I also would like an automated snapshot feature.
I play a lot of games, on PC, Xbox One, or PS4. I know all of these have the built in feature to take screenshots, but during play, especially in a battle, I'm not thinking of taking a screenshot.

Basically, I would like it to take a screenshot every X seconds. It would be great if they saved as the various file types: jpg, png. Also, it needs to be saved in a custom location, or at least tell the location.


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I could do that. And I might, if there is no screenshot option.
Though, the reason I'd rather not do that method is the length of time it will take. Replaying every video to find screenshots is very time consuming.