Question / Help Slow Framerate Output, While Game Itself is Fine.


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Hey all,

I'm at my wits end here trying to figure out what's going on here. Two days ago, I was streaming Jedi: Fallen Order perfectly fine and seamlessly; absolutely no issues and the output was buttery could spread that beast onto toast. The game is set to cap itself at 60FPS and I was playing in fullscreen when everything was working fine. Game Capture never worked for some reason (black screen), so I would use Window Capture. I updated my GPU driver to the latest version yesterday, and that's when things got all crazy. Window Capture on fullscreen would freeze on the very first frame of the output. I set the game to Borderless Windowed and it would capture, but the output was dropping frames like crazy. I tried adjusting graphics settings, setting OBS to high priority in tasks, and updating OBS to the latest version. After none of this worked, I tried rolling back the drivers, but I've been getting the same issues. None of this stuff needed tweaking or modifying prior to the drivers. I started a clean install of the old driver before I left for work this morning, but this has been a thorn in my side and on my mind as I'm not able to figure it out on my own (just as frustrating).

Smooth Stream

Janky Stream

I've attached the OBS logs from my testing after realizing there was an issue. Any help here would be appreciated, I'm struggling to figure this out.




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You're encountering some severe rendering lag, which is a result of OBS not being given enough GPU resources to do its scene composition.

There are a couple of things to try. First would be to change your encoder to the NVENC (new) encoder. I doubt this will make much difference, but it's worth a shot because it will free up some PCIe bandwidth. Make sure to avoid the "Maximum Quality" option, as well as Look Ahead and Psycho Visual Tuning -- all of these will use extra GPU resources and make things worse in this situation.

If that doesn't work, see if the 24.0.3 feature works for you... in windows game settings, enable game mode, then run OBS in administrator mode. This is supposed to allow windows to see OBS as a GPU-necessary application and allocate the necessary resources. Your mileage may vary however.

Past that, the only reliable way to avoid rendering lag is to lower your game settings to the point where your GPU isn't allowed to use near 100%. Limit framerate, and reduce graphics settings until GPU usage remains below 80-90%.


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Just did everything you listed (NVENC new, left Look Ahead and Psycho Visual Tuning unchecked, etc). I'll test a stream tonight. I also enabled game mode (had disabled it from research in a related post from someone else). I also lowered the resolution on the game from 3840x2160 to 2560x1440 in-game to lower the stress on the GPU. What bugs me was that everything was perfectly fine, until it wasn't lol. All settings in OBS were the same 3 days ago now when the stream was perfect. That is the part that's the most frustrating. Also looking at the stream it looks as though audio is out of sync as well. All from updating drivers. Ugh....should've just left everything alone. That's what you get for trying to be proactive I guess lol.


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By the way, game mode off used to be the recommendation previously because it would cause windows to overly prioritize the game over what it already does normally. It still does that if you do nothing else. But, 24.0.3 when run in administrator mode is supposed to tell windows that it needs GPU resources as well, which game mode is supposed to work with now. Again... mileage may vary.


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Lowering down the resolution down to 2560x1440 definitely worked and stream was smooth again. Had also done a clean install of the old driver just to err on the side of caution. Giant pain in the ass, this is, but your suggestions definitely helped get me there. Very much appreciated.