Simultanious broadcast to multi platforms?

Paul Carter

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Hi there,

I have been using OBS for some time now and have had an awesome trouble free experience (once I worked out what I was doing wrong - I drive Trucks normally not computers and streaming). I am currently streaming to Youtube and have established a small following for my feeds. However, I have a much bigger and already captive audience on Facebook. My system will struggle to run 2 OBS programs at the same time and I remember that was talk of this a long time ago becomming a tool on future editions of OBS.

Can any one advise if this is yet the case or is it still in the planning. I am a small operation that cant afford the luxury of a second system to mirro the broadcast or a newer one that will handle twice the load. The only option I found is Restream an external streaming program or web platform but it does not yet have the facebook feature.

If it is still being developed can I please offer a suggestion - the setting requirement for facebook is some what limited on performance when compared with Youtube that seems to handle the stream a bit better, you will need to be able to alter the settings for each braodcast platform to enable multi streaming.

Thanks in advance
Donation on its way - you guys have done a cracking job!!


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Output to more than one location is definitely still planned. OBS only has one main developer and he is currently working on feature parity with OBS-Classic, then new features like that should be added to OBS-Studio.
Be aware though, if you want to stream with two different qualities (for example 1080p 60fps to youtube at bitrate x and 720p 30fps to facebook with bitrate y) you need to encode the stream twice, which can in some cases depending on the settings also double the cpu load. Similar to running two instances.

Paul Carter

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Thanks for the prompt response Jack - great to hear its on its way, was planning on reducing the quality to youtube to keep them the same initially till I can get myself a media server to manage a greater load.