Question / Help Should I upgrade my Streaming PC's GPU?


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Hi there!

Currently using a Dual PC Stream setup. Stream PC Specs as follows:

  • PROCESSOR: Intel Core i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80 GHz
  • RAM: 8.00 GB (7.66 usable)
  • MOBO: ASROCK Intel H310 Chip Set Micro ATX Motherboard h310 m – HDV/M. 2
  • WINDOWS 10 64-bit Home
  • VIDEO CAPTURE: CAMLINK 4K (with Sony Actioncam at 720p, 120fps)
  • MONITOR CAPTURE: Elgato HD 60s\
  • OBS: 1080p, 60fps
OBS takes the CAMLINK 4k video into a separate scene, and I use that scene as a source inside of other scenes (i.e., I have a scene called "Actioncam" that has JUST the camera video, and I use that *scene* as a source in a different scene called "Game", which has my Elgato Monitor feed).

Here's my problem: OBS will encode my video at 60fps in 1080p with no issue UNTIL I enable my webcam. I've realized that this problem only occurs when there is more than one chroma key filter enabled on that source.

Question: Is the solution a graphics card for my stream pc? I've considered this one, but I'm unsure if it will accomplish what I need (rendering more than one chroma key filter PLUS obs video at 1080p in 60fps): IF SO, then will there be any hardware complications trying to integrate this card into my current setup (mobo compatibility specifically).

Thanks so much for all your help.


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It's hard to say if the machine above needs a GPU upgrade when you don't say what GPU it has now. It's literally the only spec you didn't mention.

Look in the logfiles for OBS. Or better yet, post one.

If you're using x264 encoding and the problem in the log is encoding lag, then no, a GPU upgrade won't help.

If the problem in the log is rendering log, then it would.

If the problem is encoding lag AND you're using a GPU encoder, then an upgrade MIGHT help.


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Ok. So it doesn't have a discrete card, you're using the Intel GPU built into the Intel CPU.

An Nvidia card with the NVENC feature (GTX cards 7XX series and above) would be useful.

Again, with the webcam issue, you need to check if the issue is rendering lag or encoding lag to know what to upgrade; although an Nvidia card with NVENC would help with both, as it would be better at rendering than the integrated GPU, and the NVENC hardware on the card would also take over encoding from the CPU.