Shader Plugins

Shader Plugins 1.0.0


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Does this work much differently from this plugin I'm already using? I think it also employs the OBS shader system so now I'm not sure if it matters at all if I switch. Might have to try both I guess.
This plugin's a bit more powerful, w/ changes I've added into OBS which got released as part of v23 the plugin can create contextual gui controls for what you want. If you need an image vs a source vs an audio texture etc. Also, it contains code for shaders to be used as an independant source, filters and transitions.

The full feature set is listed in the readme of the plugin on the github, there's a lot.


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Thanks, I will take a look next time I feel like diving into shader territory :) It was a pain to get my current shader to work so I'm slightly hesitant to switch!