Severe recording delays and cpu consumption when adding external monitor to scene


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Hi OBS Community,

Need some help. I am running 27.2.0 on my late 2018 MacBook Pro (Quad-Core I5). I am using the Apple VT H264 Hardware Encoder at 3000 Kbps and recording to an .MP4 at 1920x1080 30 FPS. I can record my Webcam (C920) and Mac Laptop Monitor (Full Screen) without any issue at all. CPU hits about 30% usage along with GPU and video quality is great.

I have an external Samsung 32" 4k Monitor connected via USB-C/Thunderbolt to DisplayPort running at 3840 x 1260 60 HZ. When I attempt to add it as a display capture source to a scene OBS instantly starts lagging light crazy. CPU skyrockets to 100%+ and OBS simply can't keep up. I have messed around with so many settings but nothing seems to solve it. I tried capturing just a Window same issue. I tried adjusting to the x264 encoder, same issue. The second I remove the monitor as a source everything works great again.

Any ideas on how I can record from the Samsung monitor without my Webcam lagging like crazy?


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