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erleichda submitted a new resource:

Setup multicamera in June 2020 - I spent a few weeks learning, and found that a lot has been rapidly changing. Here is what I know.

If you, like me, are interested in starting from scratch to create a multicamera stream then read on. Specifically, you may find this useful if you are hoping to stream a live event from a sound booth location with multiple cameras. I'm using OBS Studio( and SLOBS, but for the purposes of this guide the differences are not signficant). I'm also using a Mac, and found significant variables compared to Windows some of which have changed with updated OS. My goal was to create a livestream...

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Mods, can you update on approval status? It appears twice in my account, one states "deleted". If so, please inform so I can make corrections.


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Are you happy with your setup ?

I'm also a studiolive 24 user, it's really great to have a dedicated mix for the video recording (I had to route mix 15/16 on usb1/2 to make it work, but now it's ok, my mix 15/16 is the one recorded into OBS)

About multicam, my main setup is 3 "good quality" USB camera like these :

They produce a really clean output, but have manual focus. I also tried several phones options (android & iphone) with Wifi and USB, and none of these are satisfying, I either lack resolution or framerate, so either choice I do, the result is not good.

I bought a very cheap hdmi capture USB dongle (like 30€ / 30$), I'll test it this evening with a DSLR and an HDMI cable !


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Wondering if you had luck bypassing the audio on the ATEM Mini by using the Presonus. I would like to try a similar setup.
• (2) Panasonic HC-V180K - HD Camcorder
• (1) ATEM Mini (cams connected via HDMI)
• Audio output from studio sound board or computer running ProTools

I assume I'll have endless latency and sync issues if I don't run the audio through the mic inputs on the ATEM, but I hope to avoid this if possible. Does anyone have tips?


I am generally interested in good stable multicam setups with OBS. I hope more users can contribute with their setups and experiences.
Right now i am specifically looking for ways to connect 2 or 3 HDMI cameras to one pc that runs OBS and has connect interface by two USB-C and two regular USB.

Thanks in advance for any input!


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has anyone found a good solution for wired network IP cameras?
we have a makerspace that I'd love to set up multicamera streams
we'll set up a separate network for just the cameras, to help with bandwidth
then we'll want to get some good no-audio, moderate resolution, ok fps wired cameras
I've tried IP webcam thru cellphones, and while resolution is good, the framerate across Wi-Fi is just not good enough for some things
other alternatives would be obsolete PCs running linux in every room of the space, hosting 2-5 cameras via capture cards, but that would be a nightmare for maintenance (just software updates would be cringe)


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I'm using multiple NDI HX cameras and it works very well. It's streaming to YouTube at 1080/60p and it is rock solid. This is with i9-10900K with NVidia Quadro RTX4000, so it helps to have the horsepower to process multiple video streams.