Setup for Dual Stream


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Hey guys,

I have the following PCs:

AMD Ryzen 7 3700x
MS B550m VDH mobo
RTX 2060 super
16g ram

i3 10100 Quad @ 3.6GHz
Radeon 5600XT
16g ram

I was planning on using the i3 for the Streaming PC, does that mean I should use the 2060s there as well for the NVENC capability? Not really sure how I should have my GPUs setup. Any guidance is appreciated

*I also have a 750ti laying around. Could that be better than the Radeon 5600xt for the encoder capability?*

Also, just curious. With the NDI software do you just need both PCs hooked to the internet by ethernet or do the PCs have to be connected together? I have gotten mixed advice when researching this.


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What issue do you try to resolve with 2-pc streaming?

If you're using OBS to capture your game on the gaming PC and transfer it to the streaming PC with NDI, your system load on the gaming PC will not really be less than directly streaming from the gaming PC in the first place. Using Nvenc on the rtx 2060, the encoding quality is also top and probably cannot be improved by using x264 on the streaming PC.


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When streaming I had to switch to x264 on the gaming PC. The 2060s was hitting 100% on Warzone and was dropping frames. Perhaps I need to adjust some settings, free up some GPU and switch to Nvenc?

I couldn't get recording to work at all it was super laggy, but that may be a settings issue I should test

But yeah I was thinking it would help lighten the load on the Gaming PC, is that not the case? Seems like having a full card and CPU dedicated to encoding would be best, separate from gaming