Separated audio working with tryggerfire


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Hi! Idk if this is the right place to ask this, so if it's not I'm sorry and I'll understand if the thread got deleted.

Recently I've change the way my audio setup in OBS works. Right now I dont use the desktop sound anymore, and all the audios are configured with the "Application Audio Capture (BETA)". This way I can separate the audio that goes to the stream with the one that goes to the VOD, and works really fine. But I also use the tryggerfire overlay to make funny personalized rewards on Twitch, using sounds and gifs, and its sound is not going to the stream anymore, since I started to use the BETA application quoted above. This happens cause the tryggerfire overlay use the desktop sound (I think).

So, anyone can give me a light here, please?
Thank you!

Tomasz Góral

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Desktop sound is mixed all sound, Application Capture get sound before go to Desktop mixer, if you tryggerfire is muted, check application list and find correct app who play sound.