Script Log Error Loading File Path - macOS Big Sur Version 11.2.1


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I'm running macOS Big Sur Version 11.2.1. I recently downloaded a few overlay packs from nerd or die and Own3D. I downloaded each pack and saw a few videos that mentioned adding the scenes to a folder you would not be moving, because if you moved the folder, OBS would no longer be able to find the files. Np, I created a folder in my documents and add all the scene, alerts, widgets files for all the overlay packs there. The instructions for all packs were straight forward using either stream elements (for me) or supercharged directly in OBS. The problem is after I create my scenes using the overlays, close OBS and open it the next day, I get a Script Log Error, which says [overlay pack name] error loading file: cannot open [file path]: No such file or directory, however when I look at the scenes panel in OBS, all the scenes and sources are there.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Do I need to save the overlay packs in the OBS setting folder somewhere, if so where? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Basically I have to recreate my scenes each time I open OBS.

Thanks for any help. Here's a rough step by step

1) Download overlay
2) Add to document folder and unzip pack
3) Open OBS Live
4) Click Tools
5) Click Scripts
6) Add Scripts (this opens the OBS Scripts folder and I did try adding the overlay scripts here, but that didn't work either)
7) Navigate to document folder and add scripts
8) Run scripts and add to scenes and panels
9) Export Profile
10) Close OBS - wait about 6-12hrs (today as my baseline, but it has happened at least 2-3 times now)
11) Open OBS - Error message pops up (see screen shots)

OBS Panels_2.24.21.png
Script Log Error_2.24.21.png


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Sorry I know you sent this in February but did you get a solution for this? I'm in the same boat with the same issue with a pack downloaded from Nerd or Die!


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So, I did a LOT of searching on the internet this morning as I was having the same issue with my overlay from Nerd or Die, and nowhere seemed to have a solution. The ONLY solution I was able to figure out was to click on Tools>Scripts>+ and just manually re-add it there thru the file browser. Then you'll have two LUA files with the same name, but one will have properties on the right and the other wont. The one with none can be deleted and that error will no longer come up when you load OBS