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Zou submitted a new resource:

SBE - ScoreBoard Edit by Zou - Update in real time text area on your stream.

Requirements :
- Windows Vista / 7 / 8 (x86/x64)
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (or newer)

What it does ?
Simple, it edit (or creat if doesn't exist) the content of a simple xml/text file in real time. Why? To live edit a text overlay in Xsplit or Open Broad Caster (OBS). Usefull if we need to quick update a score or text eg. for Vs fighting games overlay.

How to use :
- Place the .exe where you...
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CLR Browser do not refresh automatically the url's source. So if you modify the xml file, the changes will not appear until you disable / enable the clr layout.


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CLR Browser do not refresh automatically the url's source. So if you modify the xml file, the changes will not appear until you disable / enable the clr layout.
I know there is a similar program that can use xml via the clr browser plugin unless this one is programmed much differently


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Hi Zou - thank you so much - this software is exactly what I needed. I got it setup and it works beautifully. I'm live streaming amateur sporting events and needed a scoreboard. I made my own PNG/animated gif layer for the background and use your system for the foreground and it's awesome.

One question - can you add additional misc fields to the program?

So in a best of three game scenario I would want to show the score of each game in it's own section.

Here's an example of the type of scoring -

If there could be 4 more sets of area to input data (8 total input locations) so that I could put the scores for each game into those areas after the game.

Just blank areas similar to the existing areas you have now.

This thing is perfect though and works great. One other suggestions - change your avatar or the avatar for the app, the bomb doesn't give a whole lot of confidence when downloading a program from someone you don't know :)

Again, thank you for putting this together, I think you'll find a bunch of people doing video game matches and live streaming sports using OBS will start using this the more functionality you add to it. Let me know if you want more feedback on making it work for different sports, I think some options in there would be awesome - I'd would suggest making special ones for baseball, basketball, football, etc. Then we could design some layers specific to the sport and people could download the software and the layer and then just place them in OBS and aside from the setup, after that they'd be ready to rock.

Best wishes!.


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Thank you Zou - good tool for streams.
I use it for scoreboard.

One request: I'd like to have additional score inputs, so there would be total of 4 score inputs. I use this on sports that has faults on the game.


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happy new year everyone!

Was wondering if this thread was still active--- does anyone know a method of being able to use lets say, a bracket that has boxes (3 on each side for each player) as supposed to using numbers?

any info would be appreciated!!


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Hi Zou

Thanks a lot for that Scoreboard Editor. It works great, I would have one Question, tho. Is it in any way possible to have the scores shown with two digits in the beginning? Meaning instead of a score like "1 - 1" , to have a score like "01 - 01".
I can write it in the box obviously, but clicking on the +1 button changes the score back to single digit. It would be great to have the first 9 scores in double digits, too. this way the format wont change and the text wont jump around in the stream!

Thanks for considering


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Hello, would it be possible to add countdown function? So enter the time of the game in minutes =) thanks

Ze manel

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A very nice and simple feature is to add + to the score and reset score by hotkeys.
e.g. If i click F1 and add + to the score of player 1, if i click F2 add + to the score of player 2.
If i click F3 reset score.


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Thx for scoreboard its very helpful.
But one think. When i was testing it i was discover that all scores for player2 is upside down even when i switch sides.


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is there anyway that I can do multiple player? I'm using it for League of Legends and I'd like to put all 5 people name in the team. I like the switch button so I wish I can put 5 people name and just press button to switch people around