Question / Help ryzen 7 3700x + 980ti - right options? got fps drops in game, and in stream aswell


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I started to stream a few days ago, using Streamlabs OBS, since i got my new cpu, which should be able to handle decent stream quality. I am quite new to streaming..

Tried LoL, which is not a performance heavy game, but I got my fps down to under 100 and felt pretty laggy, with low settings and full screen (it was 240fps with ultra setting w/o streaming)

My obs settings:
  1. encoder: x264
  2. rate control: cbr
  3. Bitrate: 6000
  4. Keyframe interval: 2
  5. CPU usage: veryfast
  6. tune: none
  7. output res: 1600x900
  8. downscale filter: Lanczos
  9. fps: 60

Anyone could help me, what I should change? Config: 3700x, 980ti