Running OBS On Remote Server and Manage from a web browser


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I have searched around but could not find an option for this. Please share if I missed any.
The idea is simple, (more or less like streamyard or restream web service)
1. We install OBS as headless on a machine (localmachine or a cloud server)
2. Access the OBS as web application - same interface if possible
3. Option to share mic, camera, screen and computer audio
4. Option to stream to target as usual with custom resolutions.

- can save a lot resource from your localmachine as OBS processing will run on remote server
- Less lagging or framedrop as remote (if cloud) server already on highspeed internet

Please share your thoughts.
Thank you



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Found this thread but no comments !


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You can access with web browser with
Thank you, Yes, I saw that. Trying with the same meanwhile.

Still looking for an option as I suggested :D