Question / Help Replacing YouTube Hangouts on Air


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We have a live podcast we record on YouTube using Hangouts on Air. We have four Co-hosts and sometimes guests who dial in. YT just announced they are killing Hangouts and we are looking for alternatives to save our show.

Will OBS allow scenes to be created from multiple cameras on multiple machines in different locations?

Do we all need OBS installed or just one of us?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!


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Not really, no. OBS is not videoconferencing software.

It can support multiple audio/video feeds, but it is presumed those feeds are from local sources (capture cards, locally connected cameras, or NDI feeds from high bandwidth local network devices).

To use OBS for this purpose, each individual participant would need to install OBS, register an account at a service that supports low-latency streaming, such as Mixer, and then the recorder would have to add each of those feeds in as a browser source.

It can be done but OBS isn't intended as a replacement for Hangouts or Skype.