RED SQUARE AND BITRATE ISSUES! (log file, ping plotter, speedtest, twitch test all included )


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I've had this issue where my bit rate is constantly changing along with the colored square next to it FOR MONTHS, I've contacted my isp and worked with them for almost 5 months trying to solve this issue at this point i don't believe they are the problem. My Tests from the twitch bandwidth test no matter where i connect always return with a 0 in the quality score. my upload is around 30 mbs, so i should NOT be struggling with streaming things like minecraft, but i do. PLEASE NOTE I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING under the connections forum post, PLEASE do not suggest anything from there I've spent countless hours of my life trying to fix this issue and I've honestly lost hope. Anything helps. if any photos or logs are needed just ask and tell me how to get them. I have a wired connection and only "sometimes" randomly have this problem