recording quality is very bad. Pixelation while movement


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If you don't understand something just ask. I am not speaking english that much.

I like in title. My video quality is veery bad even with good settings(i guess).
I tested out CBR, CQP (10-20) and put simple settings and tried everything out. Still looks like...
I'am playing on 1280x720 and scale it to 1920x1080 (because if the resolution is for example 1920x1080 HUD is too small and nobody sees whats going on)
I know its going to look bad because of the resolution but it's like 3 times worse than videos from other people..

I mean look at this ( On the left u got obs and on the right my game that i want to record. Its 2times worse when u watch recording (watched it in 3 different apps) and even more worse when u upload that on youtube, because that's the moment when pixelation on movement is hitting in(yeah i waited a little bit for 1080p before watching). If iam standing still everything is sharp and clear (expect for quality) but when i move a little bit you can see nothing but pixels (for example if u saw number 28 then good for you, because when i am gonna move my camera u are going to see pixels)

For example i will show u video of some other guy playing the same game:

I know it doesn't look good either (because of resolution) but 3times better then my video and he can move camera/character withour blur/pixelation

some screenshots from my settings: (want to do it 60fps but did not changed it for the screenshot)

i can add in a recording but can do it right now.

And a log file:

If you need more information just tell me. I will get it as fast as i can.

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Bad quality is due to the resolution increased from 1280x720 to 1920x1080.
The first is about 1 million points and the second is about 2 million points, which means that the system is trying to generate additional data from nothing, hence the image is blurred. Set the Base Resolution to 1920x1080.

Switch off Psycho Visual Tuning and Look-ahead.


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1. The new Windows 10 Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling ("HAGS") added with version 2004 is currently known to cause performance and capture issues with OBS, games and overlay tools. It's a new and experimental feature and we recommend disabling it via this screen or these instructions.
2. In Windows 10 versions 1809 and newer, we recommend that "Game Mode" be enabled for maximum gaming performance. Game Mode can be enabled via the Windows 10 "Settings" app, under Gaming > Game Mode.
3. Change the refresh rate on your monitor from 75 Hz to 60 Hz and cap your games at 60 FPS.
4. Set OBS FPS to 30 or 60.
5. Be aware that if you plan on uploading these, having the YUV Color range set to "Full" will cause playback issues in certain browsers and on various video platforms. Shadows, highlights and color will look off. In OBS, go to "Settings -> Advanced" and set "YUV Color Range" back to "Partial".
6. Record to MKV or FLV. If you record to MP4 or MOV and the recording is interrupted, the file will be corrupted and unrecoverable.

If you require MP4 files for some other purpose like editing, remux them afterwards by selecting File > Remux Recordings in the main OBS Studio window or enable Auto remux in the advanced settings.
7. Try using Game Capture instead of Window Capture for your games.