Question / Help Recording part of my screen and editing afterwards


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I use a laptop for gaming and I am used to play games on resizeable mode. I have recorded quite some gameplay by selecting to only record 1 game session which only covers 1/2 of my laptop screen. This recorded the thing I wanted to record but when I wanted to edit the records I saw that the rest of the screen is black.
When I crop to only the gameplay and rescale it to full screen the resolution went very bad (which seems logical to me).

I have 2 questions:
- Can I still use/fix these recordings without having a bad quality?
- How can I avoid this in the future? Should I play in full screen or can I still play in a smaller screen while recording?

Thanks in advance


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- you cannot fix these recordings
- OBS records what the game is rendering. If the game is rendering only to a small window, OBS is recording this small thing. To get the most picture information, the game needs to run in the highest possible resolution your monitor supports, which is fullscreen in the native monitor resolution.