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Hey I'm trying to record some footage of the game Magic Carpet.

The game plays in full screen, but when I look at the recording its a small window in the top left, with the rest of the screen black.

The source is a Window Capture(because Game Capture only picked up audio)...any thoughts on how I could get the recording to fill up the entire screen?
The game mostly has a native lower resolution then your recordings resolution. Try bumping the resolution of your broadcast down to that of your game. Or try using the window capture mode instead of game capture.


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Quite some time ago, but this seems to come most closely to the issue I have.
I've started OBS (no other programs e.g. FireFox, Word, Explorer etc. running).
When I select "Monitor Capture" and click "Start Recording" and I start Dosbox (opens in Full Screen) and start playing my game, OBS records the game top left on a big black canvas. I cannot edit this video file.

Then I tried "Window Capture" and "Game Capture" in both cases the recording is a black canvas (screen) and game audio.
With "Window Capture" I've noticed, that any open window will be recorded (e.g. Windows Exporer or Firefox, but not the Dosbox).

The game I am trying to record is "Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle", if that is helpful?

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!


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Yes, I only own a laptop (DELL Latitude E5440).
I also tried the ScummVM, but same results...

By setting "output=opengl" I was able to record the video and audio for "Game Capture".

Now remains another new question, as the Video is centered in the video. Is it possible to just record the window (640x480 pixels or so?) so that the video would at least be full screen?

Got it... "Game Capture" > "Properties" > "Strech image to screen"
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