Question / Help Recording a 528x400 video fullsreen on 1600x900 screen.


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Need some quick help to tweak my OBS resolution settings.

I am Display Capture recording a 528x400 video from media player classic playing in fullscreen.
In Settings\Video -
My base canvas is 1600x900 (size of my laptop monitor).
My output (scaled) resolution is 528x400 (same as video).
Downscale filter is Lanczos.

However, the output video's width dimension appears to be downscaled even though media properties is showing 528x400.

Can anyone advise me the settings where i record a 528x400 playing video in fullscreen, record it to output as its original dimension (528x400) and the output file retains its dimension when played back in fullscreen.

original video

obs output video


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Why not just set your canvas resolution to 528x400? What's going on is you're changing the aspect ratio when you're downscaling from your canvas resolution to your output resolution.

If you do need to keep the original 1600x900 resolution for your base canvas for whatever reason, then you need to output at 528x712 to retain the correct aspect ratio, but you will have the same black bars.


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Hi carlmmii, thank you for your response.

After setting canvas resolution to 528x400 the resulting video 3/4 of the picture was totally removed.


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Rescale your source to fit your canvas (right-click -> Transform -> fit to screen), or use Zeros.81's method.