Question / Help Recording 30 sec, but only 2-3 sec come up on file.


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I only recently just started using the software, and I'm having some issues with the recorded files once finished. I will record 30 sec, maybe a minute, and the timer on the software will show as much, and then hit stop recording. When I go to bring up the file where it saves to, it ends up being only 2-5 seconds long. Its hard to tell, but it seems to only be right at the beginning. I have attempted to drop down quality and frame settings to see if that helps, changing the file type it saves as, but nothing seems to help. If it helps I am currently attempting to record with the AverMedia GC311 Live Gamer Mini from a XBOXONE. I am also using an Asus X553SA Notebook. If anyone can assist me with either settings that may be an issue, or maybe even if the hardware is the issue.
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You've got a massive number of decoding video errors from one of your video sources:

21:30:36.753: error: SEI type 1 size 72 truncated at 8
21:30:36.755: error: non-existing PPS 0 referenced
21:30:36.755: error: decode_slice_header error
21:30:36.755: error: no frame!
21:30:36.755: Error decoding video

This repeats thousands of times. I think your machine is either below or right near the minimum system requirements for OBS; you're using a 1Ghz celeron and Intel graphics.

You seem to have 3 sources; a webcam and two others:

21:30:35.705: - source: 'XBOX1 Remote' (game_capture)
21:30:35.705: - source: 'Video Capture Device' (dshow_input)
21:30:35.705: - source: 'Webcam' (dshow_input)

If the above errors refer to the Avermedia then it looks to me like either you have a driver problem or OBS is configured to try and capture from the Avermedia in a mode it doesn't support.

Also, Windows is out of date and certain gaming features are on and can't be turned off, and this can impact OBS performance. More information in the link below.