Question / Help Razer Kiyo isn't showing a camera feed


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Hi all, does anyone have any experience with the razer kiyo?. I am able to select it from souces /Video Capture device/ Device, but I'm still on a grey screen. Sometimes when I restart OBS the camera's halo LED light will flash on for a second and then turn off. no picture will come on my screen though. I've been playing around with recommendations from other posts like changing resolution to custom and 320x240 or 1280x720. Also the "FPS" and "Video Format" columns are also highlighted red. They are "Match Output FPS" and "MJPEG". I have the current versions of OBS, Razer Kiyo firmware and windows 10. The camera also works fine on Windows Camera app and discord. this problem also exists on xsplit (i thought i would try it there too). Does anyone have any ideas that would help steer me in the right direction?

I'm new to OBS and have been doing research on it's forum but can't seem to crack it.
I know someone has an answer. Thanks