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Random Stinger Transition 1.03


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FineWolf submitted a new resource:

Random Stinger Transition - Randomly assigns a video to a stinger transition on scene change.

Random Stinger Video

This OBS Studio Script automatically sets a new video to a stinger transition every single time the scene changes.

Installation Instructions

This script does not make any changes to the stinger transition source other than the video path. All videos part of the rotation must therefore have the exact same transition point and/or track matte settings.

  1. Store all the video files...

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Exactly what I was looking for but when trying to load I get,

RandomStingerVideo.lua] Error loading file: /Users/~/Downloads/RandomStingerVideo.lua:7: unexpected symbol near '<'

Any idea on how to fix this?



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This is great. Possible to get an update so it can be applied to transitions on sources? I used nested scenes and use transitions on sources to bounce between them that way. Thank you!
So I can add all my stingers videos then this plugin will pick a random video to use when changing scenes so it doesn't use the same one all the time. I have 4 stingers that I wan to use from starting scene to main gaming scene


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Is there an easy way to make this see the Aitum transitions instead of the regular obs ones? Even if you tell me what to manually change so you dont have to update the file, it would be greatly appreciated.