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OBS Lua Random Stinger Transition 1.03

Random Stinger Video

This OBS Studio Script automatically sets a new video to a stinger transition every single time the scene changes.

Installation Instructions

This script does not make any changes to the stinger transition source other than the video path. All videos part of the rotation must therefore have the exact same transition point and/or track matte settings.

  1. Store all the video files you want to be part of your rotation within a folder.
  2. Download the RandomStingerVideo.lua file to your computer.
  3. From the Scene Transitions panel in OBS Studio, create a new Stinger transition. Give it any name you want.
  4. Configure the new Stinger transition according to the video files you want on rotation.
  5. Open the Scripts window (Tools Menu › Scripts).
  6. Load RandomStingerVideo.lua script.
  7. In the settings panel on the right side, select the Stinger transition configured during Step 4 in the Transition dropdown list.
  8. In the settings panel on the right side, in the Video folder input, navigate to the folder created during Step 1.
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Registered an account just to give this rating. Tried a bunch of different plugins and approaches but everything was clunky at best. This is perfect, thank you so much <3
Works like a charm and was exactly what I'm looking for. Great job. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
This was EXACTLY the thing I was looking for, and was stoked when I found it. Love the way it works and it's super easy to set up.