Question / Help QuickSync bad quality.

Just got my 4770K, gigabyte z87-hd3 board and alpenföhn brocken2 cooler.

Tryed out Quicksync. Was working fine, no frame drops (70 frames in 40+min), cpu-load is amazing.. but im not happy with the quality.
Tested it with STALKER:Call of Pripyat Sigerous Mod 2.2 (DX11 and a lot stuff added (this is why they speak english, russan and the menu is russian):

High action scenes are just bad and blurry.
It was late so i forgot the audio settings, it was just a test for the video enconding.

The log is attached, Quicksync is set to 1 (Best Quality), encoding profile - high, anything else is default.

I can increase the bitrate up to 3500 (this is the limit, i have only 3,9mbit/s upload), but i dont think this will help a lot. I can also set it to 720p 30 or 60FPS (if it will look better, i will do that). But there are no other options to increase the quality, only if i use the custom encoder settings...



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QuickSync trades quality for performance. 2800 bitrate isn't even enough for a game like STALKER even with x264, a superior quality software encoder. The only thing that makes QuickSync better is more bitrate.
Yeah but with the new hardware my rig is powerful enough to run x264. I was just testing quicksync and noticed really low CPU usage and the preview was fine.
My bitrate is limited and i dont really want to crank it up too high because i will hit the limit while playing online and using other stuff like voice or background software that is connected to the internet too.
So i can reduce it to 720p 60FPS with x264 and a higher preset for better quality and use quicksync only if put too much load on the CPU while playing?
I will try and make a stream with 3500kbps bitrate and compare x264 and quicksync to find out what is better. The CPU should be able to handle x264 without problems.


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Quality wise x264 is going to win outright, I can tell you that with 100% confidence. If you can manage to handle the Fast x264 preset, even better.
gonna try it. i will use quicksync on my laptop to keep the ivy i5 dualcore on low load while DJing, this gives me the option to stream and Djing from the same laptop without problems and this is huge :-)