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Hello Everyone !

I'm a happy user of OBS since two years now and everything works pretty fine !
I bought in august a 1440p monitor and i'd like to know something i can't figure out myself ... Here we go :

- I use 1440p canvas on OBS and streaming in 720p60 - 3500bitrates​
- I play games in 1440p resolution​

Question - If i change my in-game resolution to 720, my viewers will notice a change ? Or it don't matter since OBS downscale my 1440p res to a 720p one ?
(For me it changes the crispiness of the image and i was like "Eh, did my viewers see the difference too ?". I ask this because i sadly can't stream CONTROL in 1440p resolution with the Ray Tracing enabled ... my ingame fps are stable at 60fps but the stream go to 56,02 to 12fps and don't know why since my CPU usage dont go over 70% with all the softs )

I don't find anything relevant so i ask here !

Thank you for your time,

Have a great day !


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Download and watch the VODs of your stream and compare yourself. If your streaming service doesn't support downloading your stream as recorded video, you can also tell OBS to record locally what it streams by choosing "use stream encoder" as encoder in the configuration tab for recording. This way you don't even need to stream to see what quality your produced video stream will have.

And yes, the crispiness with downscaled 720p is less than the crispiness with native 720p. But don't worry too much about this - probably, viewers are used to this, since very many streamers play at 1080p but stream downscaled 720p. And for this, the same loss of crispiness takes place.

Instead, you should care about the size of the game UI. If you play your game 2560x1440 natively, you might see the game UI gets smaller, since you have more space on the screen. A smaller UI might look better for you, because it provides you with more space on the screen. So you might be tempted to use a smaller game UI. But while you downscale 1440p to 720p in your stream, a downscaled smaller UI might get so small that it is unreadable for the viewers. So you might want to choose a larger game UI to enable your viewers to still see it with a readable size.


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I exactly did that from a (wise) advice i get this afternoon before i read this. It seems that there's no differences for the viewers wether i play in 1440p or 720p, or atleast i can't see it too in the recorded video.

No viewers told me that they can't see yet, but Man ! I never think about the UI ! I thank you for this tip. It seems obvious, maybe too obvious and i never ask myself about this.
I'm in peace now, i'm knowing that can downscale my games if i can't stream them in 1440p with high graphics and eventually Ray tracing enabled. (So i can enable thoose options in 720p and get a constant 60fps on stream)

Thanks Koala !