PS Remote Play Crashing


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Hello again everyone,

This is an odd one. For a little bit now PS Remote Play doesn't work in Game Capture.

If I try to open Remote Play in Game Capture it freezes for a second and then crashes Remote Play. When it works (1 out of 15 attempts) it sticks my resolution to 720p instead of 1080p, then crashes again. Window Capture of PS Remote Play is just a black box.

The only work around I found was using Display Capture and having my PS Remote Play in full screen (which is then capturing at 1080p), which I would prefer not to do since if I change volume it shows in the recording now when the Game Capture didn't do that.

I even thought it was due to OBS 28 so I uninstalled and went back to an older version and it still happened, so I just updated back to 28.1.2 hoping it would help but nope.

Am I the only one experiencing this issue? Attached is my log file from today, thank you.


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Hello again,

Is no on else having this issue? It's still happening and no one has mentioned anything. Thank you!


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I'm having the same issue with streamlabs obs and my work around is the same as yours. I've read it's due to the ps remote play updates trying to incorporate mouse and keyboard support and messed everything up. Sorry i could'nt be of help