game capture crash

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    Very weird things going on with OBS; Crashing the app being displayed when tryna make it not freeze on a single frame for some reason.

    As the title has said, when im using game capture the profile i make basically crashes the app that i have it set to for some reason. When it doesnt crash, it freezes on a frame until its too late for me to realize that the past hour i have been recording nothing also the size of the screen...
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    PS Remote Play Crashing

    Hello again everyone, This is an odd one. For a little bit now PS Remote Play doesn't work in Game Capture. If I try to open Remote Play in Game Capture it freezes for a second and then crashes Remote Play. When it works (1 out of 15 attempts) it sticks my resolution to 720p instead of 1080p...
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    Game Capture crashes game (Quake Live)

    I've noticed an odd bug with OBS 26.1.1 (64-bit, windows). The video game "Quake-Live" on Steam will crash during a map load when you run OBS before starting the game that's already 'Capturing a specific window' (Quake-Live). However, OBS will capture just fine if you load a map on the video...