Question / Help Problems with Window Capture


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Hello. I'm having a weird issue regarding Window Capture. Whenever I try to capture a window from a browser, such as Firefox or Chrome, it won't display the window properly. Firefox only shows a white screen and I got Chrome to display kind of like a frozen frame of whatever was on top of it when it opened up and it never changed after that.

I tried getting other application to use Window Capture to see how that would go and it seems like there's no problem at all for other applications. I have tried using Windows Capture on Spotify and File Explorer and it works just fine on them. One thing to note is that it also doesn't work with Discord, which I think also is pretty much just a chromium interface.

Either way, it seems to me that this problem started to happen ever since I installed this Add-on for Firefox. I've attempted reinstalling OBS and restore points, but I can't get the system to do the restoration completely and reinstalling OBS hasn't helped either. I would appreciate any help

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