Problems with game audio: Warzone


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Hi, the other day I was playing and streaming on Facebook Call of Duty: Warzone and out of the blue the game audio could not be heard anymore. More specifically the shots, explosions, ambient noise, etc. Other audio like my friends voices through the game voice chat could be heard normally. My chat told me about the error and I proceeded to troubleshoot, nothing worked except removing the game source and adding it again. After that I had no problems.

However, I was streaming on Facebook the same game yesterday night without any issues. Right after I finished streaming I started to check the saved video to make some notes for a highlights video and the video played normally, until this morning that I checked the video again and saw the same problem. The video does not have the gameplay specific audio, as I mentioned before, but my teammates voices could be heard normally once more. Even one of the vehicles from the game that starts playing music when you get on it, the music could be heard but no car noises.

I contacted facebook and they told me that if it isn´t a Copyright issue, (which I would have been notified if it was) that I should contact my software provider.

Thanks for the help!