Possible minor Windows bug; "Bad File Path" when target is empty.


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I'm running OBS (latest) on a Windows 10 machine. Works a charm but I just noticed one thing, a bit strange. I'm using the infamous ImDisk to engage a snappy RAM drive on my computer. Nota bene, a RAM-disk; in other words, on every reboot this drive is flushed and becomes empty. This is how I noticed this message when I tryed to start a (local) recording in OBS, after just having rebooted the system.


I then popped a command prompt and ran "touch.exe R:\empty.file" (I have installed a Windows version of the classic Linux utility which simply creates empty dummy files with 0 content). Now, the recording started just fine in OBS. So, in short, OBS works only if there is some files on the partition to speak. I conclude that it's some sort of a bit simplified check to see if the specified target for recording is "legit" or not, that simply flags it as incorrect if it is empty since the most common place to use for recordings is probably a folder on a drive partition with numerous files. Anyways, my RAM drive is formatted as ExFAT. I'm not sure if it would make any difference if it was formatted as let's say NTFS, havn't tried but spontaneously I don't think this is the problem.