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Podcast Template 1.1.1

Imani Muleyyar

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Podcast Template - Customizable podcast template from the script window

OBS Podcast Template

*PC Only
  1. Extract the Podcast_Template zip file to a folder.
    • Make sure you extract it to a permanent location.
    • If you use the template first and move the folder later, it may not work properly.
  2. Create a new Scene Collection in OBS.
    • Go to Scene Collections in the menu bar and select New.
    • If you don't make a new Scene Collection, the template will erase your current project.
  3. Set...

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Minor glitch. Looks like the microphone source for the Guest 1 box is Host mic and for the Host 1 box is the Guest mic (interchanged). Easy to correct as a user, but could be corrected in the next template update. Well done!


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I have been exploring the settings but it seems that the template was designed for when the two hosts are in the same place, or it's possible to set up the camera and microphone when the guest is in another country for example? using