Plugin: Getting Encoded Frame Information


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We are currently working on a source plugin. After it has output video through obs_source_output_video, we need to grab information about the frame later, after it has been encoded, right when it is sent to let say a streaming service.

Is there a way, through the existing public API, to know when an encoded frame is output (e.g. to Twitch), and what source frames (source pointer and source frame timestamp) were encoded into it?


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We are trying to use OBS as middle man to receive Audio/Video/Data from a game instance using our Genvid MILE SDK.

From there, our plugin will forward the data to one of our cluster for us to consume information and present it to a web viewer(cluster overview).However, when we send the data from OBS, we need to have it synced to the A/V frames that OBS is outputting from our source plugin.

We have looked into the OBS code and plugins and we had no luck finding public API code that would let us extract the information of a frame after it has been encoded, when it is sent to an output(i.e. twitch)


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Well, by the time a frame gets encoded, there's not really going to be any metadata about that frame, let alone metadata about what sources were captured in the frame. However, there's a pull request open for embedding MISP timestamps in h264 streams, which might be useful for what you're trying to do. But to get metadata about the source content of an individual encoded frame is just not a thing that's ever going to happen, nor is it really technically feasible/sensical.