Play at high framerates and record at 60 fps with dual pc/capture card setup?


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Hi everyone! I have a pretty simple question that I hope someone can help clarify for me:

I have a 165hz 1440p monitor with Freesync. I want to be able to play games at the highest resolution and framerate possible while recording or streaming in either 1080p60 or 720p60. When attempting this using a single PC I run into low framerates and choppy/stuttery on my streams or recordings. My in-game performance only takes a few frames hit to performance and still feels very smooth. I can barely tell I'm streaming or recording. The problem is completely in the stream/recording.

My best conclusion is that I'm just maxing out my available resources just to run the game at 1440p with a framerate above 60fps, thus leaving no overhead for OBS to use for encoding a recording or stream.

If I put the recording/stream on x264 instead of H.264 or H.265 the issue improves but still feels like a less than smooth 60fps experience on the recording/stream. As if the framerate is dropping below 60. This seems to further support the idea that I'm just flat out maxing out my GPU before even starting to record/stream and there is no overheard for encoding even when putting that on to the CPU via x264.

So if I invest into a good PCI-E capture card and drop that into a decent 2nd computer would that solve the problem? My hope is that I can put the recording or stream onto the capture card in the 2nd PC and have it do all the encoding work so I get a stable, smooth 60fps on my recording/stream while I can still enjoy the game at a higher resolution and framerate well above 60 fps on my main gaming rig?

TL:DR: If I'm maxing out my GPU to run 1440p and frame rates above 60fps in game, will I still have issues recording a smooth 60 fps when using a PCI-E capture card in a 2nd pc? Does running a PCI-E capture card in a 2nd PC still require overhead on the main gaming PC or can I dedicated my gaming PC to full on running the game to it's highest potential while still maintaining a smooth 60fps on the recording on the 2nd PC?

I don't want to invest $200+ on a capture card only to find out I still have to lock my frames to 60fps on my gaming rig. There has to be a way to play above 60 fps while recording a smooth 60 fps?

Thanks in advance for any help and information! :D <3


Im in a similar situation. seems the way to do this is to run OBS on the gaming computer and use a 'screen projection' to output whats on your main display to another output of your graphics card (doing it this way rather than mirroring displays doesn't lock your main screen to the lower res and FPS that your capture card on the 2nd PC would have). Ive got this working and it seems like the way to go - only unknown for me is if this method makes use of the NVENC encoder on the NVIDIA card in gaming PC when sending the video out to the streaming PC, or not - ie would it make any difference if I have an AMD or NVIDIA card on my gaming PC...