Pixelated stream with dual pc setup


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Hello all.
A few months ago I bought an Elgato HD 60 Pro for my streaming pc so I dont have any performance drops on my gaming on.
The streaming PC has a Ryzen 1700X, ASUS B450-A, 16GB 3000mhz ram and an AMD HD 7970 (old).
I setup the Elgato Game Capture software to receive the maximum quality from the input. The problem is that when I stream some games, I have A TON of pixelation! I dont know the reason because I ve tried many settings but nothing seems to help. Biggest problem is with World of Warcraft.
The settings I put in OBS are the following:
Encoder: x264
Rate control: CBR
Bitrate: 6000kbps
Keyframe: 1
CPU Usage: fast
Profile: Main (tried high. same thing)
Tune: None

Downscale filter: Lanczos (36 Samples)
Common FPS Value: 60

I stream at 1080p60fps on twitch. You can see the pixalation in the video below. Anybody can help me with that?
Thanks in advance



I think that pixelation is ok for FAST CPU encoding and for Twitch. Did you try GPU encoding? I can't understand all that "only CPU encoding cult"... Nvenc ~ CPU Medium