Output to virtual webcam device.

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by shadikuizayoi, May 8, 2013.

  1. shadikuizayoi Member

    Possibility to output the video to a virtual webcam device similar to Dxtory's DirectShow output. Most likely as a streaming mode or as an output in addition to RTMP/File Output Only.

    Practical implementations could be streaming to Skype or Flash applications, uploading straight to YouTube using Webcam Capture or even livestreaming on YouTube using Google+ Hangouts.

    Think this could be really nice, I can't think of any other way to get OBS to a webcam device that doesn't suck.
  2. dodgepong Meat Popsicle


    Jim has stated that he probably won't do this, but he'd love it if someone else could take a crack at it.
  3. dehixem Active Member

    The youtube webcam capture could be real nice, I tryed it once though, and the audio/video quality was really bad :s
  4. rbeaujard New Member

    Yes this would open the software up to many different streaming servers and software. This feature is preventing at least 4 of my colleagues from using this software as well as myself. Someone please implement this. Frankly, this seems like a no brainer for making the software virtually compatible with any existing software that can stream and any future software as most everything will support a live video source.
  5. Corwin Member

    Will be cool, necessary thing
  6. Nookie New Member

    It's NEEDED.

    Xsplit would probably completly DIE if you do that.

    I don't want to subscribe to xsplit cuz its cost too much.

    OBS is lighter and broadcast fullscreen games... so if it's aslo have virtual device, it would be VERY nice.

    It's NEEDED!
  7. Jim

    Jim Developer

    I am aware and it will be implemented -- but I am juggling about 10 things at once at any given time and I have to prioritize certain things and backburner others. I can't give a definite time estimate, but the code to allow this to be implemented via a proper plugin will be in place -hopefully- within the next few months (as long as things don't blow up in my face). Refactor and general bugs are the most important priority at the moment
  8. casufi New Member

    I think such device may be realized as separate network service that listen some ip:port to video stream and act like video capture device.
  9. JamesBaber New Member

    "but the code to allow this to be implemented via a proper plugin will be in place -hopefully- within the next few months"
    Has anything happened yet or is this idea still on the backburner?
  10. dodgepong Meat Popsicle


    It has not been implemented yet, no.
  11. JamesBaber New Member

    Aw damn it, thanks for the help anyway.
  12. Kaijudo New Member

    Is it being added anytime soon?

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