Opus audio codec


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OBS Classic is no longer in development. You may be able to achieve this in OBS Studio with FFmpeg output. Do any video streaming services actually support Opus audio?


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never heard of such things, youtube already defaults to opus on most videos
given the fact that adobe has nothing to do with this, flash has been outdated... and most sites are starting to switch to html5 today

opus in html5 its natively supported on almost all browsers except apple apparently
streaming sites simply need to open their eyes, opus is far superior codec, its was jointy developed by mozilla, xiph, skype (microsoft)

some of the things opus is good for, eeerm low latency streaming, better audio quality at lower bitrates

if opus isnt supported, what is? opus is the only viable codec in webrtc btw so it must be in all browsers that want to support that spec
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I believe rtmp (or rather flv) has no official support for opus, and since most streaming services use rtmp as ingest, opus will most likely not be used by streaming services
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