OBS Window Crash - Mac Air Big Sur


New Member
Hi all,

Im on a 2020 macbook air, running the most up to date version of Big Sur. Yesterday OBS completely fell apart mid-stream and I had to stop. Since then it hasnt been quite right. Today I found that when I click to open OBS from any location (dock, finder, applications) its opens for a brief second and has a "open" icon in dock, and then it immediately closes the window and dock icon. However, in activity finder, OBS is running and even my cam light is green indicating OBS is using my webcam.

There are no errors that pop up. Not a single one. My book seems to be running just as efficient as usual. I have tried EVERYTHING -restart, shutdown, reinstall, delete/replace internal files, start new user, etc.

If anyone can direct me to the location of the log I would be happy to share it with you if needed.