Question / Help OBS v0.655b wont capture webcamera


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This worked before in earlier vesions i have used, but in OBS v0.556b the webcamera just wont work...

when i add a camera source, select my camera and click ok, the window wich is supposed to be the camera, is either not there and only the red outline when i click "Edit Scene" shows up. or the webcam is just a red square...

I have tried with:
Creative Live! cam sync VF0520
Creative Live! cam chat HD VF0700
Logitech HD C525

I dont think the cameras are the problem, they work in other programs.

Sorry for bad English/Grammar.. im Norwegian


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Is the webcam active in another program?

Have you tried both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of OBS?
How big a red square is it giving you?


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The webcam is not active with another program, but i will try the different versions when im home from my vacation the red square is rectangulary and ca 50% the size of the screen

Thank you for advice :)


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I'm having the same issue with 656b. Webcam worked with the previous version of OBS, downloaded the upgrade, and now with the webcam turned on I just get a black screen for that element of my feed.

Starting OBS with the webcam turned off gives me the expected red screen, so I know it's detecting when the webcam is turned on.

Checking using, I can see that the webcam is working when it's turned on, so it's definitely an OBS 656b problem, at least for me.

I've tried both the x32 and x64 versions, and did a full uninstall/reinstall for good measure. No Bueno. OBS multiplatform doesn't work either.

Correction, it's the latest version, 656b, that I'm having the problem with, specifically on Windows 7. I have 655b installed on a Win10 machine, and verified that I do not have that issue with that version.
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