OBS/Twitch Constant disconnect/reconnect, rendering lag


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The last couple of times I have managed to find enough time to stream, the stream constantly reconnects. This started happening after I swapped games in midstream during my last stream. I streamed Helltaker with no issues, swapped to Graveyard Keeper, and started having the problem, then swapped to Stardew, no change. Tonight I am starting with Say No! More and have the same problem.
Additionally, when I start streaming, the preview video in OBS freezes for a few seconds, when it finally starts I get red stats for Frames missed due to rendering lag, generally at least 50%
The result is a series of 12 second long videos in my Twitch video collection to be deleted, and being unable to keep the stream up on Twitch.

OBS Log included 2021-04-22 20-09-42.txt
Ran speedtests through testmy.org, and got 127M down/105M Up (attached results as CSV)
Ran https://r1ch.net/projects/twitchtest and got 8ms at 10,000+ bandwidth


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