OBS Transition Matrix [Discontinued]

OBS Transition Matrix [Discontinued] v1.0


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As of this latest Windows Update, Transition Matrix no longer works. It seems the transitions always use whatever is shown in the drop down list under scene transitions.


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Ciao ma il plug-in x mac non c'è? Nella panoramica è dato come disponibile x mac ma non lo trovo...
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Does anyone know where Transition Matrix saves your presets?

I updated to use the new one and did not like it and a few things stopped working.. Seems that all my Settings are gone .. Where does Matrix save its config File for My old transitions ?


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Seems that all the transition Settings are gone. I have a back up of my obs where does Matrix save its config For the transitions ?


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Sorry for the dumb question but how do I uninstall this correctly? I tried to get rid off the files from my OBS studio folder but when I open OBS again a mini window appears sayign that I need to update transition matrix.