OBS to VIMEO Livestream audio looping


New Member
Hi, I'm new to OBS and hoping someone can help me diagnose an audio issue.

I am broadcasting through OBS to Vimeo Livestream with a unique stream key for each session.

I am using a Rode Wireless Mic connected to my camera and a HDMI USB Capture device for video and spoken audio.

I am using VoiceMeeter to split music sound to the audience (and lightly to myself in the room).

Here's the issue -- when broadcasting, the audience is hearing an echo on delay... between 1 second and 30 seconds or so (it will vary). The echo is usually of lower volume. The echo is ONLY of the spoken audio (not the music from VoiceMeeter).

I do not have my browser open or a preview of the stream up at all. I've disabled any other microphone that I think can be picking up the feed. Because it is only my spoken audio, not the music, I'm inclined to think it is NOT some other mic. I only have 2 audio streams in OBS (the music from VoiceMeeter and the audio from the HDMI Capture device). I'm now scratching my head on what else to try.

Would it be better to run the spoken audio from the camera through VoiceMeeter first, and then to OBS?

Is my internet speed lagging and causing the issue?

Any tips/tricks or troubleshooting ideas to consider much appreciated !