audio looping

  1. J

    Repeated audio

    So i was in the middle of my stream and i alt tabbed out quickly and the only thing laoded up was my OBS but as you will see in the clip i will link the audio seemed to loop continuously and i have no idea why so any help would be great thanks.
  2. R

    someone can help ? audio Noise and Looping

    i got audio looping and high frequency noise only, it happen when i streaming only but when i recording sound is normal no noise and looping sorry my english bad
  3. B

    Looping Audio

    I am new to streaming and trying to get this all set up. I have an issue were audio is captured for about 3-4 seconds, then ends up looping on itself, never refreshing too with new sounds. New audio can, however, be added, which ends up making it ear destroying mess once it all starts to stack...
  4. P

    OBS to VIMEO Livestream audio looping

    Hi, I'm new to OBS and hoping someone can help me diagnose an audio issue. I am broadcasting through OBS to Vimeo Livestream with a unique stream key for each session. I am using a Rode Wireless Mic connected to my camera and a HDMI USB Capture device for video and spoken audio. I am using...