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I am new to streaming and trying to get this all set up. I have an issue were audio is captured for about 3-4 seconds, then ends up looping on itself, never refreshing too with new sounds. New audio can, however, be added, which ends up making it ear destroying mess once it all starts to stack on top of one another.
I'm unsure what is going on, or how I can really fix it.
Here is what I have for my settings and the link to the logfile
I'm really unsure what else to do.
I have a headset plugged into the back of my PC which has an attached mic, but I have it muted, and as you can see. I don't have anything else besides my Blue Yeti enabled. So I'm just not sure what is causing this. If someone could please help me or walk me though it, I'd be very grateful
Annotation 2020-09-09 113320.png
Annotation 2020-09-09 113338.png
Annotation 2020-09-09 113355.png
Annotation 2020-09-09 113419.png