Question / Help OBS Stuttering/FPS Drop on OBS When I Record


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So I used to be able to record games perfectly without no stuttering no nothing, then all the sudden I went to record R6 with OBS and the FPS on OBS drops to like 23 FPS and obs is stuttering and all that. I limited my fps to 144 and it would record at 60 fps but it had a little stuttering and lag I could feel. Keep in mind it used to work perfectly on any game.
(Also in R6 I usually get around 180 FPS and I use a 144hz Monitor)

My Spec:
RTX 2070 Gaming Z 8G
24GB of RAM
Z390 A Prime Motherboard

Its not the specs, it used to work perfectly and I have a high end PC
Plzzz Help MEEEE!!!!!


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Also, there are good high quality recording presets in simple mode.

If you have a reason you can't use simple mode, use CQP rate control with NVENC and a quality setting between 15 and 23 or so, rather than CBR.