Question / Help OBS studio on iMac Catalina, problems setting Audio + 6 sec latency delay while streaming on YouTube


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Hi :)
I have an iMac (tech specs in the attached file) 10.15.4.
I am new to OBS. Something is not right. In fact a few things which I list below and if anyone of you can help I would be extremely grateful!
1. I watched several tutorials and every time it comes to setting up Audio in Settings/Devices/Desktop Audio, the tutorials show a few options e.g. Disabled, Default, or a specific device they are using. In my case it shows only Disabled.
2. In Sources - I input Browser and copied an URL to my YouTube channel. I could stop and start one of the videos on it, but could not navigate through the channel at all, for example I couldn't scroll down in the YouTube window (on the OBS canvas) to select another video.
3. Finally when streaming onto YouTube I struggled with a 6 sec latency delay in audio.
Thanks so much for reading it and hopefully helping me! :)


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