obs streaming latency

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    Constant stream lag on ubuntu 22.04

    Hi there, I have searched the forums but not found exactly what I need and was wondering if I can get help please? When I stream on twitch, its via a wired connection. Download speed 60 Mbps upload often getting over 25 Mbps. I've tried setting from 1080 p at 60, 50 and 30 fps, as well as 720...
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    Reducing input to program/preview latency

    Hi all. I'm using OBS Studio as a live video switcher for my church, as well as a streaming source for our online viewers. If we were only going to youtube with the stream, I wouldn't care about the latency, as the services all add their own buffer that dwarfs anything I have control over...
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    Question / Help OBS studio on iMac Catalina, problems setting Audio + 6 sec latency delay while streaming on YouTube

    Hi :) I have an iMac (tech specs in the attached file) 10.15.4. I am new to OBS. Something is not right. In fact a few things which I list below and if anyone of you can help I would be extremely grateful! 1. I watched several tutorials and every time it comes to setting up Audio in...