OBS Studio/OBS Streamlabs will randomly disconnect and then reconnect


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So, I've been streaming for the last month and a half, first using Streamlabs OBS and then switching to OBS Studio as I thought it would fix the disconnection issue; it did not. Now, I'm unsure how related this is, but it will also disconnect my game, saying it is experiencing a connection issue. Normally, I would continue streaming, but it is getting to be quite a needless headache at this point, and I would like to fix it. Note: The only other applications that are open when I stream are a few chrome tabs, OBS Studio itself, and the game Teamfight Tactics; a low PC intensive game.

My internet speeds are:
internet speed.PNG

My OBS Studio Settings:
OBS output settings.PNG

Thank you very much for your help, and I appreciate any assistance that is given :)


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