Question / Help OBS Studio not picking up Wireless Headset as Desktop Audio


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In the pictures provided. In the first picture you can clearly see my wireless Corsair VOID gaming headset is my DEFAULT sound device through windows, with sound registering (and i can clearly hear the music). In the second picture you can see i have spotify playing music that I CAN hear through said headset. In the third and final picture you can see obs with the sound input for "desktop audio" set to DEFAULT and can clearly see that its not registering at the bottom of OBS.

That being said, I've tried everything. and switching my windows default sound device to say my tv or speakers works just fine. I've uninstalled and reinstalled obs while saving my settings. I've uninstalled and reinstalled obs and removing my settings and redoing them completely. I've uninstalled and reinstalled my headset drivers. I've unplugged, powered off and on, and plugged back in my headset. Doesn't work wired, or wireless.

It was working fine for WEEKS and even today then mid stream it cut out and haven't gotten it to work since! HELP!!!


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I just realized i accidentally posted this in the wrong thread. Could a mod move it for me by chance? or should i redo it in the proper thread?