Question / Help OBS streaming to VLC issues

I have OBS and NGINX configured on a laptop to stream OBS to VLC. I am having an issue where sometimes it will work, sometimes the audio will work and no video, and sometimes I get "VLC is unable to open the MRL 'rtmp://<IP>/live/test'. Check the log for details.". Logging wasn't turned on in VLC I am working on getting that to happen again to get the log.

Also have a rough guess at how many clients can connect to a computer to watch the stream? I know it's "based on the network" normally, but say a 1 gig network, a rough guess. 5? 50?
Here is the error in VLC log. "avcodec error: Failed to open rtmp:// Input/output error". It's odd becuase it will work sometimes and not others.

Anyone have settings they'd like to share that might help OBS stream better over RTMP?